Wednesday, June 24, 2009


For Middle Java Junior High School students, The English grade, compared with other lessons, is still on average the lowest. According to Middle Java Education Service data, the National Examination average grade for English is 6,05. It is lower than other lessons. The average grade for Bahasa Indonesia is 7,26, Mathematic is 7,25 and Science is 7,05.
As a teacher of a remote Junior High School like me, it is indeed hard to teach English. The hardest thing is how to make your students to study. I find my students as smart students. But they really consume a little time to study.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Three Universities of us fit in 400 major universities of the world. The three universities are the Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), and the University of Indonesia (UI). While some other universties entry in the 500 major universities of the world. They are the Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB), Airlangga University, and Diponegoro University. Brawijaya University (Unibraw) is in the world ranking of 502.
In order to become international class university, the Government has spent billions of rupiah.
But unfortunately, for the middle to lower classes, the universities in the country are still quite expensive. It’ll be very ironic if the universities have entered the international range but they can not be enjoyed by most of the people of Indonesia.
Once, UGM was known as campus for the poor but with high quality. Now, the label appears no longer attached to it. Many parents complain about the high cost of higher education in this country.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I know Tika (28) late, solo girl who created Mayday song. Her Mayday song served as an official track of labour union headquartered in Detroit.
Mayday song was written unseriously. Tika, then, uploaded it to her Tika on Myspace Music. She never thinks that in fact many people appreciate her songs. Her Mayday songs downloaded by hundreds of people from overseas. One of the radio in Detroit even ask permission to play that song a few days before the labour day, First of May ago.
Here is a snippet of Mayday song lyrics by Tika:

Rise and shine
do not go to work today
and teachers alike strippers
realize we're one and the same

cause it's Mayday first of may
The Streets gonna march today
yes it's Mayday first of may
merry merry labor day

Tika who is a graduate of LaSalle College and Art Institute of Seattle in 2003 utters equality through music. But for me, while knowing Tika history, erupt a question: when can my students in the village familiar with the latest technology sot they can market anything they can create through the internet? My students are also talented in many things. Unfortunately, the Internet is still relatively expensive.


It has been a long time for me not to post any article in this blog. But, I'll post as soon as possible.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


An allegation appears that David, the Indonesian students who studied in Singapore, committed suicide because his scholarship would be terminated. David is known as a smart student. No one thought that the brilliant students had to die because of despair.
David phenomenon reinforces the Goleman’s theory of Emotional Intelligence. According to Goleman, intellect which is shown by the high IQ is not enough. To enjoy the life well, someone must have what something called as Emotional Intelligence. After so long hailed, IQ is no longer seen as the only that determines the success of someone in his life. And, as I said earlier, suicide carried out by David reinforces the truth of the Goleman’s theory of Emotional Intelligence.
Why do smart people seemingly not survive in a hard situation? Why could people who can think deeply restrained in the narrow mind and do an action that endangers others and themselves? You can find the answer by reading Goleman’s book by yourself, Emotional Intelligence. But I want to discuss something that was also mentioned by Goleman in his book. Intelligent people can do something stupid, something that should not be done by people like them, because their lives are only oriented to the world. There is no room in their minds that the world is actually fields where they sow and the harvests will be got later in the Hereafter. When thinking about the Hereafter is absent in their framework of thinking, every failure of their natural life is considered as a threat on their lives entirely. That is why when they fail, they feel that their lives are no longer useful. Suicide becomes an option to solve the problem.
So, to compensate our tendency to the world, we must return to religion. I think, back to religion is the only way to maintain us on the fixed rail of life. Only by running the command of our religion, we can always realize that everything we do in our lives, basically determines the goodness of our lives after death. An eternal life.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A teacher is suspected involved in obscene acts with his student. More unscrupulous, the act was recorded in the camera phone and, whether intentional or not spread among the students. Some time ago, the sordid scene in the world of education recorded in the mobile phone was only done between a student with a student. Now, seemingly unscrupulous act has infected the teachers.
There are two things to note in connection with the sin done by the teacher with the students. First, the role of media in the act of transmitting criminality to its viewers. Instead of giving information to the audience about the various criminal acts, criminal news broadcasted massively provide inspiration to others to do similar acts. You still remember the case of Ryan, the mutilation criminal from Jombang, East Java. Few days after reporting Ryan, we heard more mutilation cases in other places that also involved a homosexual. The immoral act case between teacher and his student that was published in several news media is certainly also inspired by media coverage before.
The second, the use of camera mobile phone at this time is very worrying. Camera mobile phone can be considered have bothered the privacy of someone. By using it as hidden camera, mobile phones can be used to record things that should not be enjoyed by other people. Therefore, the use of camera mobile phone, appears to be restricted immediately. If not in a broad scale, at least the restriction made in the education environment. Some States reported have also prohibited the use of camera mobile phone because the use of it has been violated private area.
The mobile phone is not the only cause on the deviant sexual act. Previously, the porno magazine accused as the cause of the problem. But now, with estimation that Internet users continue to grow each year, pornography is easier to be accessed. The burden of parents and teachers are now more serious. Moreover, when it is known that children and young people who addicted to pornography will have deviant behavior and intelligence capabilities. Pornography is a quite serious issue not only for parents and teachers but also the government.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I had just entered my house, when a figure at animated cartoon that was watched by my children said: “Accept the challenge, make fault.” That animated cartoon was a story of a teacher and her students who learned a lot of things by doing it straightforward, not only by reading book. While students started doubt with what they do, the teacher said one sentence which made me stop my step. The teacher said a very inspiring words.
I teach at a village school where the students, can be said, have no confidence. They come to school with a feeling that they are stupid and “villagers”. Rarely from them who want to speak to their teacher. No one raise their hand to ask something unclear. No one stands up for the teacher’s calling to solve the problem on the blackboard
Seemingly, the sentence spoken by teachers at previous animated cartoon needs to be taught to them. The sentence that was believed by Edison, by Einstein and by many other big scientists. Scientists that came to the world with the spirit of accepting challenge and making mistakes.
Well, tomorrow I will say the sentence that was said by the teacher at that animated cartoon: “Accept the challenge, make fault ”.